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Abraham's Interactive Textile Dictionary
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The most complete and the most precise specialized dictionary ever edited. The first interactive textile dictionary in the world, displays simultaneously the translated terms in 6 languages. Its user-friendly and intuitive interface will be the perfect complement to a phone conversation or  mail communication..

Worldwide, textile professionals like us face the challenge of a lifetime. In our now globalized industry we collaborate with partners overseas on a daily basis, and communication is key. Our products are conceived to help specialized professionals easily translate technical terms from all areas of the textile industry in a flawless and efficient fashion. Do like countless professionals and let us assist you.
As we all know, when dealing with partners overseas, a single word can make the difference
this dictionary will highly improve your communication with your overseas partners,
avoiding misunderstanding and loss of time.
As easy to use as a pocket calculator
it will also enable to allow your to hear
the pronunciation in Chinese and English
by simply clicking on the required words
or sentences.
Our new software offers instant translation from English to Chinese and from Chinese to English. Developed by experienced textile industry professionals in partnership with skilled translators, it features more than 100.000 terms per language as well as many technical innovations.
Because new problems require adequate and innovative solutions.
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